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Bad Bunny Ft. Mark B Y Poeta Callejero - Me Llueven.mp3
Cristion Dior Ft Messiah - Deserve You.mp3
Cier Ft. Maximus Wel – Sola Me Llama.mp3
Randy Paris Ft. Don Koo - Feeling You.mp3
01. Chris Brown - Dont Fuck With Us.mp3
02. Chris Brown Ft. Young Lo - Everybody.mp3
03. Chris Brown Ft. TJ Luva Boy y Young Blacc - Kriss Kross.mp3
04. Chris Brown Ft. Ray J y TJ Luva Boy - Cherry Red.mp3
05. Section Boyz Ft. OHB - Scared.mp3
06. Chris Brown Ft. Flawkoe y Young Lo - Trappin.mp3
07. Chris Brown Ft. Young Blacc -Dolce.mp3
08. Section Boyz Ft. OHB - Dash.mp3
09. Chris Brown ft. Hoody Baby y TJ Luva Boy - Marathon Man.mp3
10. Chris Brown Ft. Hoody Baby y Young Lo - I Can Tell.mp3
11. Chris Brown Ft. Ray J - I Already Love Her.mp3
12. Chris Brown Ft. Ray J y TJ Luva Boy - New Gang.mp3
13. Chris Brown Ft. Young Lo y Young Blacc - In Love With The Bitches.mp3
14. Section Boyz Ft. OHB - Other Side.mp3
15. Chris Brown Ft. French Montana - Erday.mp3
16. Section Boyz Ft. OHB - Section One Hundred Billion.mp3
Kid Ink - One Day (ELGENERORD.COM).mp3
Eminem - Campaign Speech (ELGENERORD.COM).mp3
Lady Gaga - A-YO (wWw.ElGenerord.Com).mp3
Fuego - Flow Asesino.mp3
Miguelito - Esclavo (ELGENERORD,COM).mp3
Lady Gaga – Million Reasons (wWw.ElGenerord.Com).mp3